About us

About us

Istanbulingua Translations is the correct address for your Turkish translations if you prefer reliability, quality and professionalism.

Istanbulingua delivers perfect translations to its customers from more than thirty countries in five continents, some of them leaders of their sectors. From its inception, Istanbulingua’s aim has been the full satisfaction of its customers with the service provided.

The translation services we provide support all popular document and software types and encompass telecommunications, electronics, IT and all other sectors including user manuals, legal texts and agreements.

While establishing our translators team, we take important quality criterias into account and only add those translators that can produce the best project presentations to our list. All our translators undergo a selection process using objective criteria and we choose the most established professional translators. For large-scale translation projects we form a translation team with a project manager and aim to have the whole team use the same terminology in a standard manner.

We aim not to send any document that has not been revised to our customers. We are aware that perfect compatibility between the source document and the target document is a very important element of quality in translating.

Turkish is a modern world language, derived from Central Asia and written with the Latin alphabet, spoken by more than ninety million people all over the world with most of them in Turkey, Cyprus, Central Asian and other European countries. Turkish belongs to the Altay branch of the Ural-Altay language group and is closely related to other Asian languages such as Azeri, Kazakh, Uzbek and Turkmen languages. We are also able to meet the translation needs of our customers in the above-mentioned languages.

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